Are Facebook and other social media sites more trouble than they’re worth?

Scams have been around since the beginning of time and, sadly, many among us prey on the weaknesses, gullibilities and ignorance of others for their own personal gain. If you’re old enough, you surely remember receiving the oddly handwritten letter from the Nigerian prince, informing you that he’s going to give you millions of dollars for little to no reason

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Fly the Friendly Skies? I think not

One would think that employees of United Airlines would have learned a valuable lesson after the avalanche of horrendous publicity that hit it in the wake of a 69-year-old doctor being dragged off of one of its planes. However you feel about the incident — Dr. David Dao was asked to leave the overbooked flight, and refused, resulting in him

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Sergey Kovalev is great but an undercard fighter may be the world’s best light heavyweight

Sergey Kovalev has long been one of the world’s elite light heavyweights, and since routing the great Bernard Hopkins in Atlantic City in 2014 has been widely regarded among the finest pound-for-pound boxers in the world. Even given back-to-back losses to Andre Ward, Kovalev has remained among the sport’s elite. He’ll fight the unheralded Igor Mihalkin on Saturday in the main

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