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If you want to be happier, keep your personal information private and find more free time, Quit Facebook

I dropped off of Facebook on Nov. 1, in part because of security concerns, a little because I spent entirely too much time with it but largely because it was making me miserable. Imagine waking up each day and checking out the internet with the morning coffee and reading on Facebook that some other user — theoretically, a friend —

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This app is simple to use, helps you avoid long lines at checkout and is a great use of technology

I love technology, but I love it most when it solves problems for me. And so, somewhat sheepishly, I have to admit that I love Sam’s Club’s “Scan & Go” app that I have on my iPhone. It is simply a great use of technology, but the primary benefit is that you can bypass the checkout lines when you’re done

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One of boxing’s true good guys gets the Hall of Fame call

There are people like Lee Samuels in most companies. They’re the ones who keep the trains on time, so to speak, and who play an oversized albeit frequently unnoticed role in their company’s success. Sadly, their contributions to the overall success aren’t recognized or celebrated publicly. They’re like the gears inside of a watch; without them, the hands won’t move

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If it fits your use-case scenario, the new iPad Pro could quickly become your best friend

I got my first computer in the mid-1980s. My first cell phone arrived in the early 1990s, perhaps 1991, and was larger and heavier than my size 13 EEE dress shoes. I once subscribed to the Prodigy internet service and would marvel in wonder as the green letters slowly — and I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y — filled the screen to deliver

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Believe You Me: Former UFC star Michael Bisping is a champ when it comes to podcasting

In 1990, an all-sports newspaper called “The National” made its debut, and it featured some of the greatest sports writers of the day. It was a great idea at the wrong time and it last 18 months despite an excellent product. One of its problems was distribution and in Las Vegas, it was very hard to find. I’d drive for

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Unless we tone down the rhetoric, the U.S. will never again be one nation under God, indivisible

On Friday, FBI agents arrested a man who had mailed bombs to many prominent Democratic leaders, including former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, 11 more people senselessly died when they were shot while at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The violence is an outgrowth of the hate and polarization which is taking over our country.

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