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Believe You Me: Former UFC star Michael Bisping is a champ when it comes to podcasting

In 1990, an all-sports newspaper called “The National” made its debut, and it featured some of the greatest sports writers of the day. It was a great idea at the wrong time and it last 18 months despite an excellent product. One of its problems was distribution and in Las Vegas, it was very hard to find. I’d drive for

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Unless we tone down the rhetoric, the U.S. will never again be one nation under God, indivisible

On Friday, FBI agents arrested a man who had mailed bombs to many prominent Democratic leaders, including former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, 11 more people senselessly died when they were shot while at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The violence is an outgrowth of the hate and polarization which is taking over our country.

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Why I’ll never donate a cent to a political candidate ever again

We as Americans hate our representatives in Congress, which is kind of odd since we elect them. Never in the history of our country has there been more information about the candidates, their positions and what impact their positions may have on you as a potential voter than there is today. Yet, the overwhelming majority of American voters identify themselves

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Remembering Tiger Woods’ first PGA Tour win at the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational

Tiger Woods’ victory Sunday at the Tour Championship was historic. Making a return to the top of his profession after undergoing spinal fusion surgery and assorted other injuries that threatened to end his legendary career is something you just can’t make up. It was the 80th win of his PGA Tour career, second behind only Sam Snead’s 82. I was

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Horror in Helsinki

We could talk about how Russian President Vladimir Putin has murdered many journalists and political opponents, and question how anyone, let alone the President of the United States, could not see him as the despicable despot that he is. We could point out how Putin has ordered the poisoning of Russian people living in England. We could talk about how

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GM George McPhee’s work in the next few days will determine Golden Knights’ Year 2 fate

Rarely, if ever, has there been a successful, championship-level NHL team built largely through free agency. Even before the NHL instituted a salary cap, drafting and developing players was still the surefire way to build into a contender. As the Vegas Golden Knights head into their first offseason and the start of free agency looms, many in the team’s fan

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