My plans for this site

pexels-photo-209305.jpegI have had a full-time job as a journalist since 1979, when I was still in college. I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything but be a sports writer, so I’m really living my dream.

I love my job at Yahoo Sports, but I love to write so much, it isn’t enough. Hence, I’ve created the all-new I’m in the process of having a logo created for the site, which I hope you’ll like. I’m going to work hard on it and try to have fresh content every day.

Part of my reason for the site, frankly, is to create more exposure for my work Yahoo Sports. To that end, if you click on the Yahoo archive tab in the navigation bar, you’ll be taken to a page with a collection of my stories. If you click YouTube, you’ll head to my YouTube channel.

I also want to increase my social media reach, and so I’d appreciate it if you haven’t done so liking my Facebook page. I have also included my Twitter feed, and if you don’t already follow me, you can do so there.

In addition to my work for Yahoo, I’m planning to write about topics other than fighting that reflect my interests. I love sports, politics, current events and technology and so you can expect a lot of conversation about that.

Eventually, I’m going to add a forum so that we can have conversation about various topics, but particularly about combat sports. That is to come.

Let me know what you want to talk about and I’ll be looking to engage.


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